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Ignantonpurpose is the host alias for all ventures featured here since its foundation in 2020. 
Avery Brown is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Toronto and based between both there and Montreal. Working around the confines of design, music and style, their work sets out to communicate the ideas from themselves and individuals in the community around them through a combination of mediums and perspectves. 


Diet:Shawty (2024) - Video

Billboard (2024) - Blender

End of the day, Love (2023) - Fashion Styling, Direction, Video

Bbyboybleu (2022) - Audio, Video

Enaye- Alive (2022) - Co- Direction, Video, Cover Art

Tech (2021) - Co- Direction, Cover art, Video

“Bbyboy” Prelude Collection (2021) - Product Design, Video

You Matter Campaign for Demetrius Harmon (2021) - Video

63 (2020) - Video

Dangerous (2020) - Video, Photography

Uncertainty w/ Ajwad Kabir (2020) - Video, Fashion Styling

Running (2020) - Photography, Fashion Styling